Beurton-Vincent Livets Goda sommaren 2019 - engelska

Beurton-Vincent – discover a smaller Champagne house!
 Niklas Jörgensen  7 Aug, 2019
VIN PREMIUM Sure, there are hundreds of Champagne houses and it's virtually impossible to keep track of them all - or try them all, even if we do our best. Therefore, you get a little extra happy when a house that we have never tried before and which turns out to have really nice and personal wines in the portfolio, turns up. Livets Goda presents here a trilogy of wines from the company Beurton-Vincent in the Marne valley.
Beurton-Vincent is a fusion of two families after marriage and is located near Epernay, in the Marne valley. The vineyards, 11 hectares, are in Cuchery and Baslieux sous Châtillon, and especially Pinot thrives here which explains why the producer often has more blue varieties in his wines. Not least, Pinot Meunier is one of the main expressions here.
The family is a so-called Récoltants-Coopérateurs which means that you share the plant with others, much like cooperatives, but Beurton-Vincent's wines are vinified separately and the fact is that they are also the owners of the only wine press facility in Cuchery so they could actually call themselves Récoltant-Manipulant.
Livets Goda has tasted three wines from Beurton-Vincent, all available now in Sweden, and you will find our impressions below. There is a red thread through the wines and of course you can talk about a house style. At the same time, there is a good density and it can certainly be accredited to having access to stocks of fine age, most of them over 30 years.
Beurton-Vincent, Champagne
Cuvée Brut Réserve (artikel 72289, BS, SEK 297, 88 LGP) 26 months on the lees, the house's Brut Réserve dominates by blue grapes with a fifth backing of chardonnay. Opens up with white flowers and some green mushy apples as well as a splash of bright red berries and almond pulp in the scent. Some fullness in the palate where a fine mousse tickles nicely, the acidity acts backbone and hides the dosage which is still noticeable. An easy and fresh aperitif with some crispness and citrus in the aftertaste.
2010 Cuvée Brut Millésime (artikel 71174, BS, SEK 388, 90 LGP)
Seven years on the lees and six month in bottles, this 2010 has been stored and it is a Champagne with equal parts of the three classic grapes. From the right bank of the Marne valley, we get a hint of maturity and development where the brioche peeks out followed by oyster shells, stone fruits and the Danish delicacy ‘wreath cake’. On top of that, a little wool and yellow fruit, nice tasty mousse, nuttiness and a certain amount of dosage gives a very pleasant wine that is drinkable here and now, even if there is room for further storage.
Cuvée Brut Rosé (artikel 74068, BS, SEK 325, 90 LGP) A Champagne rosé that stands out and that includes a full 18 percent red wine in the blend. Pinot noir dominates, backed up by pinot meuniere and only a small amount of chardonnay. A scent of modelling clay with nice strawberry spice, mint and lemons where a lively and youthful mousse merges nicely with the reddish berry shade. Fine spice in a vinous version with a hint of salt. A Champagne you get to work with and which undoubtedly shows its best side with food.

Also orderable but not tested during the review, 2006 Cuvée Prestige Millésimé (artikel 71612, BS, SEK 459)